M&A buy and sell side advisory

Let an expert help you with your deal


Sell Side

Maximizing company value and facilitating smooth sales processes. Utilizing industry insights and strategic planning for optimal outcomes.


Buy Side

Providing due diligence and strategic evaluation for acquisitions. Guiding through complexities of buying processes in the tech sector.


Strategic Advisory

Offering deep sector knowledge for both immediate and long-term strategies. Tailored advisory roles to suit diverse company needs

Who is Joshua Novick?

a little bit about me.

New York, Milan, & Madrid

I was born in New York city, raised in Milano (Italy), married a wonderful spanish woman and now living in Madrid.


I studied Philosphy at Fordham University and Sussex University, but somehow ended up as a tech start up entrepreneur

Buy and Build

After founding and then exiting my first two startups, I co-founded Antevenio. We successfully listed the company on Euronext and subsequently acquired eight companies

Bondo Advisors

After exiting Antevenio I started Bondo Advisors with my two partners and long time friends, Pablo Pérez and Fernando Gárate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

Why is it important for an entrepreneur to have a financial M&A advisor during the sale of their business?

A financial M&A advisor provides expert guidance on market value, helping entrepreneurs secure the best possible price for their business. They bring experience in negotiation and deal structuring, ensuring the terms are favorable. Additionally, advisors can access a wider network of potential buyers, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

How does a financial M&A advisor add value during the business sale process?

An M&A advisor adds value by conducting comprehensive business valuations, identifying key selling points, and preparing compelling sales materials. They manage due diligence processes, mitigating risks and addressing potential issues proactively. Their expertise in market trends and buyer behavior also informs the timing and strategy of the sale.

Can an entrepreneur handle the sale of their business without a financial M&A advisor?

While it’s possible to handle a business sale independently, it often leads to suboptimal outcomes. Entrepreneurs might lack the expertise in valuation, negotiation, and legal intricacies that advisors provide. Advisors also alleviate the burden of managing the complex sale process, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on running their business.

What are the financial benefits of using an M&A advisor for selling a business?

M&A advisors typically achieve higher sale prices through skilled negotiation and understanding of market dynamics. They can structure deals to maximize after-tax proceeds and identify strategic buyers willing to pay a premium for specific business attributes. This expertise often results in a financial outcome that far exceeds the advisor’s fee.

How does a financial M&A advisor help in negotiating the terms of sale?

M&A advisors are adept at negotiating terms that align with the entrepreneur’s objectives, whether it’s securing a quick sale, maximizing price, or ensuring favorable terms like earn-outs or employment contracts. They act as a buffer between buyer and seller, facilitating a smoother negotiation process and preventing emotional decision-making.

Is it cost-effective for a small business to hire a financial M&A advisor?

Yes, even for small businesses, an M&A advisor can be cost-effective. They bring expertise that significantly increases the chances of a successful sale at a higher price, which will significatly offset their fees. For small businesses, advisors can be especially valuable in navigating the complexities of the sale process and in accessing a broader range of potential buyers.